testimonial from Grahame Morris MP

Since I launched CCGWatch with a ‘crowdfunding’ appeal, there have been a number of fantastically kind donations toward this endeavour which aims to use the legal rights and duties of the NHS Constitution to protect the NHS from the creeping, irreversible privatisation the government is attempting to inflict on it.

In spite of those initial donations, further progress toward a workable amount has been slow. While I’m in discussions with unions, campaign groups and the Labour party, I do hope to be able to generate a substantial portion of the funding for this project through crowdfunding to make it a genuinely popular movement that sends a clear message to this government of how we value our NHS.

But it struck me that credibility might be an issue – how can those who don’t know me well via my blog, Twitter or in person be sure that CCGWatch is legitimate and that donations will be used for the right purpose?

Grahame Morris, Labour MP for Easington and member of the Commons Health Select Committee, who knows me well and with whom I’ve collaborated on health issues, has very kindly agreed to provide a testimonial, so that if you choose to donate to CCGWatch you can do so with confidence.

Here it is:



If you’d like to donate to help what I genuinely believe is a critical venture for the survival of the NHS over the next couple of years as the government seeks to use its Health and Social Care Act and secondary legislation under it to dismantle the NHS as we know it, then please use the Paypal link on the right-hand side of this page to give what you can.

Thank you!

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